Do task until it succeeds

A story

I was working on my vm and needed to reboot it. In order to ssh back into the machine, I would have to wait for it to come back online and start up ssh. 95 more words


Python 101: Loops

What are loops?

If you are asked to multiply the first five natural numbers, i.e, find five factorial, you would probably do so mentally without breaking a sweat. 493 more words


VBA - Log IN in fisier EXCEL | VBA {Code}

Practic, vom realiza un sistem de LOG- IN pentru fisiere excel. Vom scrie codul la nivel de WORKBOOK nu la nivel de WORKSHEET. Astfel, vom avea 3 incercari sa introducem parola corecta si prin urmare sa accesam sheeturile, In cazul in care  parola este introdusa gresit de 3 ori, fisierul se va inchide. 246 more words

13 people admit to the dumbest thing they've ever done while stoned

Anyone who has enjoyed their fair share of herbal goodies can attest to the resulting feelings of relaxation. Of course, sometimes this chilled out state can cause you to do things your sober self would normally stop you from doing. 838 more words


Yazılımın Temelleri – Başlangıç 2

Her şeyin başı if

Eğer elinizde bir değişken, ve bir değer varsa, bunu test edemezsek, pek bir işimize yaramayacaktır. Bir değerin diğerinden, büyük mü küçük mü olduğunu bulmamız gerekir ki, mantıklı bir işlem yapalım. 613 more words


If only real life had a block option

If only i could mute all the fat anoying white people hell bent on resource abuse, and hoarding which are economy damaging behaviours so why shouldnt you worthless looser pay more than what you belive to be your fair share because honestly the data says otherwise! 1,113 more words