Castlevania Series Review: Nice Introduction


Based on the games, this is a four episode anime available on Netflix. After Dracula’s human wife is burned as a witch he curses the country. 816 more words

Blodwyn Y Brath episode three

And as Belenńus the sun climbed into the morning sky, she set about doing just that. Making her way to the nearby river Aaffon, Blodwyn discovered the makeshift camp of her assailants. 657 more words


I’ve sorted out the vampire flash fiction in it’s own little nook on the side bar.  If you want to catch up or if you’re new, the posts are in order in which they were born, top being the first post to bottom being the latest.

180 more words


Evil or Cursed? by Kori | Written 8/14/17

She lurked outside his house,
Nervous, frightened, and hungry.
She wanted to be a nun,
To escape marriage from a cruel man. 95 more words


Summoners War Hack V4.4.

Taking after a long time of screening as well as coding we ultimately made this incredible online generator. Enrollment is complimentary and will let you obtain updates when your questions are responded to. 657 more words

Today's News in: Rip - Find the Magic Key

Omaya and Mesago meet Lord Tarian Bow to discuss how to defeat the Currencians. Omaya notices a strange man, who turns out to be from his own City, Currency. 276 more words

Summoners War Cyberpunk.

Summoner Wars is totally free to play, and can be downloaded by clicking the Play Currently” choice on top of this page. Your first step individual hack summoners war does skip their obtain, call, and have fun special event cards degrees, but has the capacity to action 2 models as well as seepage with as several around the items which will make this happen. 532 more words