Ann Rice on Lestat

The Vampire Chronicles and the subsequent film adaptations have long been held of as the prime example of Vampire Fiction. When news hit that Ann Rice had regained the theatrical rights too her works fans around the world rejoiced. 248 more words



Originally, I wasn’t going to cover sequels in my reviews as I might not have as much to say about them regarding world building. Then, I remembered that all books have to stand on their own, even if they’re part of a series, and sequels have the task of developing the world beyond one book’s capabilities. 154 more words


Amiga: Vampire V500+ WIP GOLD2 AMMX and RiVA WIP

Hi everyone,

Overflow, an Amiga user who posts on, provided a link to a great video showing the V500+ accelerator card for the Amiga 500 in action. 76 more words



It’s day 4 of the challenge but another installment of the vampire series…

It’s not true at all when people say they can’t see our reflections.   321 more words


Judas as the first vampire

There are many myths in regards to the creation of the first vampire. And, as pointed in the superstitions category, the myth itself is very old. 395 more words


Blood Moon

“Don’t be nervous,” she told me, sounding, well, nervous. I had other reasons to be worried that day…

… The full moon was coming, that night, and I’d heard neither hide nor hair from Samuel since Thursday. 190 more words