Keep Me Awake

The fire was dancing before her eyes, swirling, coiling and breathing warm breath unto her face. Kira tried to keep her eyes open, never minding the heaviness setting deeply over her lashes like the hands of an overly excited child that wants to play hide and seek. 2,485 more words


"Selva" - Vampire the Masquerade (Character Bio)

I guess a little context is in order here (because I’m addicted to context). I like designing worlds and characters. A lot. But I often fail at integrating the places and people I create into an actual story, meaning I’ll frequently let an interesting idea wilt away because I never do anything with them. 1,270 more words


This Week's Kindle Wrap-Up

Those of us that read a lot… and I mean A LOT, can’t spend all our money buying finished new release books at Barnes and Noble or even book outlet stores. 840 more words


The Little Stranger

With the way things ended up, you might have expected Lucy Sullivan to kill her mother on the way out. They thought her a stillbirth initially, shocked by the sudden resurgence of heartbeat at 28 weeks. 1,229 more words


What Made You?


What made you think you were stronger than her?
Capable of resisting where others have burnt.
What made you think that you were so special? 45 more words


How To Play "Vampire" the Party Game

Hi Guys,

This is an unusual post, I didn’t create this game, it’s a popular party game that I’ve written up primarily for my own reference since I’m going away with friends soon and may get some games in. 685 more words


A Day in the Life

Ethel was awakened as usual by the shrieks of her conscience. She took a long swig from the bedside bottle of whisky, and then lay there while her soul succumbed to the anaesthetic. 548 more words