Powder Room Chapter 4

Hi Everyone!

Chapters 1-4 of my novel The Powder Room are up on Wattpad & also Booksie.

It’s a story I wrote back in 2010, so please bear with me. 52 more words

Chapter 4: A Human History

New Years Day, 64 years ago.

The Square was crowded; everyone who could’ve walked was crammed into the large open space, eagerly anticipating the fireworks display that celebrated a new year. 2,950 more words


Emily modelling for 'Twisted Tales'

Thanks to Emily Land for modelling for the covers of ‘Pole to Pole’ and ‘Twisted Tales.’ Emily’s delightful picture was later accepted by TigerShark Magazine.

Mellow yellow

I am loving this Mr Color paint, and no that’s not just the fumes talking. This is the first time I have ever used this range of paints and after a couple of disasters trying to thin the paint with various incorrect thinners I finally got a bottle of Mr Color Self Levelling Thinners and a quick test shoot confirmed I should have got the correct thinners from the start as this sprayed beautifully through the 0.2mm with a basic 50:50 mix ratio. 36 more words

Scale Model Kit