Requiem Blood Mass

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“In 1941 the Nazi’s created a Hybrid Vampire named Johann. For years he lived a solitary life lamenting the monster he had become. Johann was alone until he met David in 2015. 41 more words


Part 180 - Butch and Alice

Hildreth ran to the cemetery.

I don’t know if it’s someone’s idea of a stupid joke.

If it is real, I don’t even know how much of a threat they are to her. 838 more words

Post 1

Jilly is what they used to call a handsome woman. ‘Too plain to be pretty, but attractive enough as long as I make an effort.’, she thinks, as she catches a glance of her reflection in the hall mirror. 672 more words


12 Days of Halloween - Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Day 6

Now we have finally hit that anime portion of this marathon. I have quite a few other anime films/series in other brackets, but this is the only time I know for certain that I will view one. 1,506 more words


Even Coffee Doesn't Help

Sean was working on his third cup of coffee sitting at the counter in the town’s only all-night diner. He thought it would help kill the taste, but so far nothing really helped. 408 more words

Short Story

Day 25: Count Dracula, "Dracula"

Oh, it’s night-time. I was having a daymare.

– Dracula, Dracula: Dead and Loving It

31 Days Of Halloween