November 24th 2014 Story: "MAX loves DEAD FAYE," F/F, F/M, R

Pairing: F/F, F/M
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,200
Notes/Warnings: Possible triggers include violence, attempted rape.
Summary: For love of evil.

One night I got my drunk ass jumped down in the Bowery, near Bleeker Street. 4,284 more words

Honor At Stake, Sept 1

And now, for a page from the “self promotion file.”

My vampire novel, Honor At Stake,  is coming out on September first of this year. It’s the vampire novel with Catholic philosophy and metaphysics, jammed together with every traditional myth about vampires, for an interesting little mash-up. 496 more words


Vampire Blues - Immortality is Overrated

*This is from the point-of-view of an ancient vampire who has grown accustomed to modern society, yet intrepidly baffled by its promiscuity and superficial nature.* 306 more words


WINNING WOMEN: American Horror Story Goes GAGA

Pop artist Lady Gaga is set to be on American Horror Story: Hotel. During her interview with Entertainment Weekly, she talked about her interest in the show and how she wanted to be apart of it. 82 more words

Winning Women

Police Use 'Vampire Technology' To Combat Crime

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City police have enlisted the help of a vampire to help combat crime. Vampire is new technology allowing crime scene technicians to process fingerprints found on a scene in seconds. 294 more words


What A Human Heart

I’ve gone through my life with the realization of just how statistics make up this world, and when there comes along a person who wants to be different, or knows that they cannot be defined in a simple chart, the judgements and criticism kick in. 130 more words


Hellsing: Iron Bars

A short story about a young Integra Hellsing, who takes over the Hellsing organisation and must come to terms with what she found in the basement. 314 more words

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