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Hello Crimson Fans!

I’ve decided to start blogging–perhaps make a million dollars and work from home.  Well, we can all dream, right?

Crimson Trish will certainly have tidbits from the (ever so slowly) developing… 254 more words

Halloween Prompt #8

Pretend you are going to interview a vampire. Write ten questions you would like to ask him or her. Bonus: Pretend you are the vampire and answer the questions. 1,278 more words


Writing Has Improved, Making Me Think Of Doing This.

While feeling like ugh, one thing I used to ground myself was writing, which helps greatly! I’ve worked on the book some, my old erotic pieces, started new works and I’m even working a FF7 story, more on that at a later time. 119 more words

Crazy Vampy Halloween makeup tutorial!!

Hello readers :)

New video for Halloween makeup is up!!!

Hope you enjoy this video.

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Cherry Vampire. Inktober Day 23

I’m late with Inktober schedule, so one more drawing today. The topic is “Juicy”. Black and red ink.


The Vlasenica vampire

The Vlasenica vampire incident is mentioned in a couple of local records and was thus picked up in the feverish decades of “vampire craze” that followed the publishing of “Dracula”. 120 more words


Blacula (1972)

Blacula (1972)

Country:  USA

Director: William Crain

Main Stars: William Marshall, Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicolas

Storyline: An African prince get cursed by Dracula and comes back from the dead to LA during the 70s. 258 more words

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