Queen of the Damned

If you want to stay with me, my love, and forever be the beauty of the night… You must surrender to indulging in the Red Fruit… the Pomegranate of Eventide… the Crimson Ambrosia that belongs only to the Gods of Darkness. 41 more words

Original Poetry

Part 372 - Just Give The Vampire His Wedding Rings

Ambrose ran back to the station and tried to force his way inside.

Only to be thrown back.


“Eat old blood!”

“Those rings are mine. 395 more words

The Slaughter of the Vampires (1962)

The Slaughter of the Vampires – promoted as Slaughter of the Vampires – is a 1962 Italian horror film written and directed by Roberto Mauri ( 582 more words


Part 371 - Payment Rendered

“Are you done yet?”

Ambrose ended the call. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Ohh, so you can be nice.”

“It does happen.” He handed her the phone. 282 more words

Snow Queen

​I awoke in the snow, I looked around dazed. Realising I was in the suicide forest of Japan .

I had been staying with a family here while on my gap year in university, but I didn’t now how I had become to be in the forest. 4,893 more words


Part 370 - Calling Ambrose

Ambrose slumped to the floor as his day exhaustion overcame him. He leaned his head against the wall and panted softly.

Barbara wanted to go to him. 764 more words