So I’ve reached the part of the semester where I loose my mind a little bit and start applying my real world practical legal knowledge to things like… Ace Attorney and my own Fantasy universe. 201 more words

Day 4

Vampire time next……

Day 4’s ink illustration of a couple of vampires.

I put them on a bit of a pedestal as that’s where they seem to live these days! 6 more words


Every Halloween, I Have A Story I Like To Tell

I liked Ben, I really did. I mean, he was a nice guy. We had some fun times together in college, messing around the dorm, going to parties, all the dumb shit that college guys do. 2,678 more words

New Orleans Experience - Day Five and Six

Yes 2 days in one! I know, I know!  I needed another day in bed to recover from this cold! It sucks getting sick on vacation.   913 more words


Inktober Day 8

Vampire Pumpkin is fierce!

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood D30.

Bonus Art

Stocktober • Dracula

Tony here again, my next Universal monster I bring to you is Dracula! I’m not a huge fan of this version of the character, but you can’t deny his impact on the genre. 11 more words

New Art