Guild Chronicles: Resurrection

Death from Furthest Away (Bruno) tells the party’s tale from a level of Jacob’s Tower.

If you are in the weekend Jacob’s Tower campaign, DO NOT READ, for there be Spoilers! 909 more words

Pathfinder Chronicles

Week 20- 24th- 25th April

Unit 8- This week, we looked at recording another cover, and have decided to record Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag, as it is fast paced rock/punk and would suit the live performance nicely. 101 more words


WATCH: Donner Pass Road Gap Session

Connery Lundin, Zach Steele, Brandon Beck and a few other sendy badasses” recently took to Donner Pass to put down some photogenic backflips over the cars passing underneath. 10 more words


She is One with All

The Maui Goddess Project brings wonderful women into my life and it also gives me a chance to honor those who have been there watching me birth this from its beginning. 184 more words


Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P02)

The home of Pearce Dunlop rested on one of the few remaining patches of solid earth and the characters soon had to pull their swamp boat like a sledge once more, but this time they were not treading on muddy ground but on grassland. 714 more words


Validating digits session on server side to build secure apps

Digits is a  service from twitter which helps you onboard your mobile app users with simple phone number authentication and it’s for free :)

If you have a mobile app that onboard the user using digits service and you want to validate the session generated by digits on your server side then this blog is for you. 151 more words