How to Change Your Social Security Name

Sometimes there is a need to change the name legally due to circumstances such as divorce, marriage, court order or other reason and thus its necessary to inform Social Security so as to get a corrected card. 127 more words


Researchers show how malicious apps could control Samsung SmartThings locks, lights & more [Video]

Computer science researchers from the University of Michigan have shown how malicious apps could take control of Internet of Things devices in Samsung’s SmartThings platform – including the ability of an attacker to unlock a front door to gain physical access to a home. 221 more words


MBSA Instant foundation security for Microsoft products for free

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer tool that is often over looked or simply forgotten about, it provides a good baseline on securing its products, and keeps you a step ahead with maintaining and securing your Microsoft products. 412 more words


Tips To Organise A Cocktail Party

Organising a party for celebrating any event is a fun-filled activity. At the same time, planning a party is not an easy task. There are numerous factors that need to be considered while proceeding with the process of preparation. 363 more words