Impersonation can give you the wrong answer

I use impersonation all the time to let me see additional permissions information I can only get that way and, sometimes to help me see what permissions error someone is getting. 548 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

Fedora Security Lab distro

For system Admins: Download the Fedora Security Lab distro kai check EVERYTHING that is happening in your network. Some knowledge of Linux command line is required for some applications. 25 more words


Sea pirates plan to hijack Maersk merchant ship prevented by Nigeria Navy

Nigeria — The Nigerian Navy has foiled an attempt by suspected sea pirates to hijack and abduct 25 foreign nationals aboard a Maersk merchant ship carrying general cargo to Nigeria, according to Premium Times. 104 more words

Human Interest

Children of the Revolution

BEIRUT: Half-falling, half-running. Every day in Beirut’s central Hamra district they play and beg, little balls of matted hair, not speaking but already fluent in the language of poverty; the outstretched hand and averted gazes from passersby. 609 more words


E-Bay vulnerability allows hackers to embed code into its webpages

Remember to Cancel any E-Bay’s auction page which requests you to download or install any app.

As per security researchers at Check Point Security, the creators of the award winning Zone Alarm security suite, a vulnerability exists on E-Bay that could potentially allow malicious hackers to use the site for phishing purposes and take mine credentials of unsuspecting users. 272 more words

Design & Development

Encrypting your ViewState

This one puzzled me a bit – but I wanted to encrypt my viewstate in Sitecore. I set my machine key, and set my algorithms – but it didn’t seem to do anything. 24 more words

Software Development