Nice Data Security photos

A few nice data security images I found:
PK 0, Linha da Matinha, 2009.11.29

Image by nmorao
* sofisticados dispositivos de segurança (sistema de scanner de Raios X para contentores) na entrada e saída de mercadorias desta zona do Porto de Lisboa (coincidentes com a agulha do Ramal de Plena Via q…

Mobile Device Security

by istolethetv
With the advent of smart-phones, mobile device security has become one of the major concerns – for both owners as well as agencies manufacturing prototypes and applications for the same. 17 more words

指紋センサー搭載のスマホで企業システムの多要素ユーザー認証を実現、ワンビが開発キットを提供へ [ #cbajp ]

セキュリティ関連ソリューションを手がけるワンビは2015年10月2日、指紋センサーを備えたスマートフォンを社内の認証基盤と連携させる外部モジュール「OneBe TID 開発キット」を発表した。既存システム環境に大きな変更を加えることなく、多要素認証の仕組みを導入することができる。


Changing java security restriction for "Network connect error" issue in KVM

I am using KVM to manage the servers in a rack. When launching the session jnlp files with javaws, I saw the “Network connect error” message. 182 more words


Securing The Internet of (broken) Things: A Matter of Life and Death

If you’re like me you’ll probably be getting desensitized by now to the ever-lengthening list of data breach headlines which have saturated the news for the past 24 months or more. 920 more words

Prpl Security

iPhone Malware Is Hitting China. Let’s Not Be Next

Apple’s wildly popular iOS has earned the title of the world’s most secure consumer operating system. But now that title has an asterisk: China.

The post… 42 more words


「いかにセキュリティの脅威に備えていくか」 - 富士通、セキュリティ機能に注力した2015年PC秋冬モデル [ #cbajp ]