S R Nathan’s role in the 1974 Laju ferry incident

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When the Shell oil refinery on Pulau Bukom was attacked by four men on Jan 31, 1974, Mr S R Nathan had the unprecedented challenge of dealing with Singapore’s first encounter with international terrorism. 40 more words

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How to Not Defeat ISIS

Trump delivered a formal speech recently on defeating the Islamic State and keeping America safe. As one Republican observed, “the good parts are not new and the new parts are not good”. 979 more words

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August 24 - Cow Tipping

Jeremiah 46-48

Jeremiah has recorded the prophecy God gave him concerning His judgment on the nations. As I read them I am impressed with the reality that these nations think they have things figured out. 224 more words

Daily Devotions

So what's the deal with information security?

Usually when we talk about information security we only think in big companies and gigantic infrastructures that custody and protect their data, nevertheless everybody must protect his data. 341 more words


U.S. Marines use Cobra attack helicopters to pound ISIS in Libya - Charles D'Alberto

Fighting against the Islamic State group in Libya intensified this weekend as U.S. Marines flying AH-1W Cobra attack helicopters flew over the city of Sirte to provide close-air support for friendly militias on the ground. 360 more words

Charles D'Alberto

Sneaky Spots

If anyone could be crowned the king of sneaky hiding places it should have been my grandfather. He had his own era-appropriate ATM machine right in his kitchen. 334 more words

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Under pressure

The Guardian published my story on refugee policy in Uganda last week, just as grim news emerged of UN forces’ alleged failure to prevent violence in neighbouring South Sudan. 98 more words