Update : Google’s Android Phone app now identifies spam callers !

There’s nothing worse than answering a call from a number you don’t recognize and getting locked into an awkward sales or marketing call. Well, those incidents may be less frequent for many after  217 more words


Additional Services : Security

Doorman24 provides Managers, Owners and Co-op/Condo Boards with the most affordable remote doorman services.

  • Notifying building personnel that the front door is jammed or open for longer than a pre-determined amount of time.
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World's best hackers

Welcome to another blog , this time we are counting the top most dangerous hackers in world.Hope you enjoy it …….

1 .Jonathan James

Jonathan James was known as “c0mrade” on the Internet. 698 more words


Scanning your Macs for security problems with Nessus

Most Macs have got vulnerabilities, and the most worrying are those that we don’t know about. Well-run networks in businesses should keep a careful watch on those vulnerabilities using a network audit system like… 783 more words


War Does Not Determine...

War does not determine who is right…only who is left.

1999. Kargil. 527 brave-hearts dead. 1367 injured. Rest of us are left…far behind.

Two years ago I wrote a piece – … 694 more words

Aggressive deportee on board

Since the big wave of refugees has reached Europe, many airlines help to extradite as many deportees as possible to their own countries. Not long time ago we had to extradite an Argentinean passenger from Dusseldorf to Sofia. 479 more words