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Do you ever notice that Google gives you creepy ads? Like when you search for a specific yoyo ONE TIME and then you get ads about it for the next month? 92 more words


So, today I added HTTPS support to the Old Gum website. ( You can verify this by seeing if there is the green padlock in the address bar. 290 more words


Who governs the Internet?

ICANN, which oversees domain names on the Internet, keeps track of who owns which website, and until now has made a lot of that information publicly available.  86 more words


Online Privacy and Security

When it comes to Internet privacy many people use common sense to determine what they should and shouldn’t post online. I know that as an aspiring artist my biggest goal is to make my online presence known in a professional manner and have my name associated with my work. 313 more words


Security & Privacy

My gmail account was hacked this past week. Google’s security services flagged the account for suspicious activity and alerted me to the breach, but I was, in fact, hacked. 796 more words


Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Co Key

With video tutorial will show to how to get Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 And Kaspersky Antivirus y 2012 Keys for free. This is the latest released Kespersky 2012 From the Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Knowledge Base, you will learn how to install, activate, and update the application and how to download virus removal utilities. 367 more words