No Dogfight Skills. The US Forgot Lessons of Vietnam

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

The US is very dependent on automation and the digital age. With this mindset, they are killing dogfight skills and will rely totally on its advance array of BVR/Beyond Visual Range missile systems therefore no need for close encounter. 220 more words


Raspberry Pi Firewall And NIDS/IPS

What is an NIDS/IPS?

NIDS/IPS stands for Network Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System.  These are systems which monitor network traffic for signs of hacking attempts and either passively log and alert you of them (in the case of an IDS) or take measures to block malicious traffic (in the case of an IPS).     1,224 more words


Not a good time to go on a Safari

So in recent news, courts over in the UK have ruled that safari users can in fact sue Google for invading their online privacy! The lawsuits will be due to the fact that Google masterminded a workaround to bypass security settings to access the cookies in safari users’ browsers. 252 more words


Where's Your Faith?

I have trusted in myself and my own ability for far too long. I wrap my own to do list and capabilities around me like a warm blanket of security and tell myself that I’ve got everything under control. 416 more words

Crossing the Cybersecurity Trust Chasm

Editor’s Note: Deepak Jeevankumar is an enterprise IT investor at General Catalyst Partners where he has a wide range of investments in cybersecurity, big data and storage startups. 995 more words

Venture Capital

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Mali: Rebels Demand More Concessions

Peace negotiations appear to have stalled in the West African nation of Mali, after negotiators underestimate the resolve of  Tuareg rebels. 

Peacetime does not appear to be returning to Mali in the near future after negotiations have stalled with Tuareg rebels. 342 more words


Becoming A Better ME Women's Series

The women of Denver CSA will be starting a women’s series this Tuesday Evening (March 31st) on Becoming A Better ME. How many women struggle with figuring out their true identity and who they really are? 131 more words