The Driving Line: Episode 31 - Canadian GP Review - Ferrari Stun Mercedes, and Red Bull Insert Themselves

We have ourselves a championship battle,

Whether or not it’s a three way fight remains to be seen but what is certain is that Red Bull are making a more than reasonable effort to come to the party. 86 more words

The Driving Line Podcast

How do you win in this season's Formula 1?

Crashes, punctures, engine failure, an angry team boss, and a broken leg. The 2018 season has got off to an unpredictable start as we are now four dramatic races in with three different winners from three different teams. 1,364 more words

6 tips to get started with Jurassic World Alive - Red Bull International

“There have been sporadic forays into the world of gaming for Jurassic Park and World, with Telltale taking a stab at the story in 2011. Thankfully we’ve also got Jurassic World Evolution coming to consoles and PC in June 2018 courtesy of famed park simulator developers, Frontier Games. 63 more words


Listen to the Daniel Dhers Podcast Here

Next up in Kyle Carlson‘s interview booth for the Rollback is none other than Dan Dhers – emminent park rider and one of the most consistent guys on the scene. 36 more words

BMX Life

EL3 à Montréal: Un sans faute pour Max Verstappen!

Red Bull et Max Verstappen ont fait un carton plein aux essais libres. Ferrari se rapproche. Mercedes a enfin testé les pneus hyper-tendres et va devoir optimiser ses réglages pour en tirer le meilleur en Q3. 319 more words