Denied Hatred for Myself

I never thought I would say that, but, I guess, I’ve hated myself. Even as I’m typing this I cannot believe the fact that I am the person who is saying it. 485 more words


7 Post-Workout Recovery Tips You Can’t Miss If You Want to Maximize the Effects of Exercise

When bringing out the best in your physical fitness, post-workout recovery is just as essential as what you do during your workout. Know that true gains are made when your muscles are recovering, but that gaining process starts with your workouts. 17 more words

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Branding Fingerprint Marketing

My First Blog Post!

This is my first blog post in WordPress! I have always wanted a Blog about myself and my interests, and I am glad I can start that now!


Twitch Stream Story: Looks Like Rain!

They kept the Ricardos in absolute darkness in preparation for their appearance in the arena. They had to stand there, feet conforming to the neon footprints on the ground, and wait for the wall before them to rise. 1,648 more words


The Natural Mind is Formed by the Lord 'by means of' The Spiritual Mind

 Selection from Apocalypse Explained ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

When a man’s spiritual mind has been opened and formed then the Lord forms the natural mind; for man’s natural mind is formed by the Lord by means of the spiritual mind; and for the reason that man’s spiritual mind is in heaven, and his natural mind is in the world; for it is only from heaven, and when communication and conjunction with heaven have been effected, that the natural can be formed to the idea of such things as are in heaven. 370 more words