Top 107 Naruto Facts you SHOULD know

So Naruto Nazis here are 107 Naruto facts you should know if you are a true lover of naruto


"Boruto," Episode 12: "Boruto and Mitsuki"

I think this week’s review is going to be on the shorter side relative to the others, but make no mistake, guys—this episode was LOVELY. 4,869 more words


Orochimaru’s classic battle in Naruto Online

I have played so many naruto games, and I love Naruto OL the most among all these games. You can see it from the title of the game, and the reason that I like this game so much is that it has high adaptation to originality. 272 more words


Phim hoạt hình Boruto Tập 13

Phim hoạt hình Boruto được chuyển thể từ bộ truyện cùng tên được sáng tác bởi hai tác giả Ukyō Kodachi và Mikie Ikemoto. Nội dung của bộ truyện là phần tiếp theo của bộ truyện Naruto, kể về thời đại của Boruto, con trai của Hokage đệ thất Naruto.

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I was scrolling down on Facebook as I was trying to put my mind off the thing that’s stressing me at the moment: the fact that I may not pass this year (of med school). 288 more words

Midnight Thoughts

The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore — visited 22nd March 2017.

I was just passing by one day and thought it looked really cool so I went in for a quick photo. 17 more words

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