I played a lot of online Naruto games in 2016. I think the best is a game called Naruto Online. Maybe it’s because I’m a loyal fan of the anime. 328 more words


Know More About Naruto Online Game.

After the anime ended, I played a lot of Naruto games. Most of them were card-based games because I like to collect different kinds of ninjas. 335 more words


Yiruka- One of The Most Important People.

In all the Naruto games I’ve played, my favorite is Naruto Online. This game has a high restoration of the original works. The plot and graphics are true to the original. 250 more words


Man arrested for death threats against Naruto seiyu Nana Mizuki

A man was arrested on Monday on the charge of forcible obstruction of business, after allegedly posting death threats against singer and voice actor Nana Mizuki on Twitter. 201 more words