Kakashi's Face Finally Revealed And It's Just As Handsome As We Thought!

The day has finally come. It has finally come! Surely this means the apocalypse is on the horizon because I never imagined we’d ever see this. 534 more words


Revelation: A Decade and a Half in the Making

April 25, 2015, a calm and normal day here in Gibraltar. Or so I thought it will be. Until I came across this:

My first reaction was immense unbelief. 477 more words


Read Naruto Gaiden 2 Release Date | Naruto 702 Spoiler

The naruto gaiden 2 release blood of the Senju and the Uchiha running through one single being doesn’t automatically mean that that person will awaken the Rinnegan. 189 more words

Naruto Gaiden 2

Naruto Gaiden 2 Chapter | Naruto 702 Manga

I can’t believe Sasuke never met his own offspring, maybe he doesn’t know that Sarada exists naruto gaiden 2 chapter.

How did Sakura end up taking care of his child, as a single parent? 148 more words

Naruto Gaiden 2

Introducing the third member of Boruto's team and MORE!!!

A lot more information came out today from the guest book that was shown in the Naruto Exhibition which introduces us to the mysteries blue haired kid that was sitting beside Boruto in the first chapter. 177 more words


Nariko Sato v2

Link to the word doc file for this character: NN 2 CC

This is my character. Nariko Sato. Part of team 4 of the village hidden in the mist. 188 more words

Naruto Gaiden 1 [Manga Impressions] - A Dysfunctional Family

Read Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1 here.

You can’t read the Naruto Gaiden if you haven’t read everything from the main series.

Because it’ll break your heart. 249 more words