Naruto (Review)

Were all of you wondering when I was going to do a feature on this anime? Are you excited? You should be, because I am here to do a review on this anime. 431 more words


10 of My Favorite Anime Girls

It’s that time again.  Another list of favorites.  This time I’m diving into the world of anime girls.  You all know my preference to English Dub already from the previous post with the guys…lol.  2,039 more words

My first tattoo

Growing up, I’ve always dreamed of having a tattoo. I don’t know why, there was just something about people’s stories being told on their skin where everyone could view them that always attracted me. 533 more words


Naruto Shipppuden 277

“Unison Sign” Naruto and Killer Bee rush to the battlefield when Nine Tails suddenly speaks to Naruto inside his mind.

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Naruto True Story

English Title: Naruto True Story (Itachi’s Story; Sasuke’s Story)
Japanese Title: NARUTO -ナルト- 真伝 — Naruto Shinden — “Naruto True Story”
Author: Takashi Yano ( 309 more words

Light Novel


“It was a good thing that we had landed ashore. We could’ve died if it had gone longer. Cough.”

“True that.”

Revolutionary Rail and his coincidental cohorts, Renji, Rukia and Winry had found themselves on the shores of the Great Dilao River, the river of their misadventure. 3,884 more words


The Way of Explosive Art - Deidara

Deidara, one of my favourite characters from Akatsuki. His explosive art definitely was explosive as he uses and molds his chakra into definitely animals and molds allowing him to set them off. 99 more words