A Sense of Danger - Naruto and Kurama

The time Naruto and Kurama were unknown to one another, the moments when Naruto used Kurama’s chakra with zero control over who controls his body, and from time to time, Kurama nearly took over Naruto’s body as his hatred spews through. 65 more words


AoY Podcast #110 - Go Ghost Power in the Shell Rangers!!

Also known as: “How the end of the world is determined by a Krispy Kreme…”
and also: “I’m sure the bullies were labeled as Heroes…” 577 more words



Lately, I haven’t been very inspired to create. A few pieces here and there but I can’t seem to get it together to make a cohesive collection.  57 more words


Top 5 2017 Spring Anime you should be watching

Disclaimer: This could contain spoilers

2017 has been a awesome year for Japanese anime and manga. We are now in the spring season and a lot of content has dropped right from “Nihon” the purpose of this article is to  recommend you some new shows to start watching you don’t want to miss out if you’re into anime and manga. 1,208 more words

Anime And Manga

Idea/Prompt: Seto Kaiba and Ninjas

Seto Kaiba finds himself lost in the elemental nations when a trip through the Shadow Realm goes wrong. Now he’s in a different universe, cut off from the rest of the Shadow Court, and the shadows of this realm are just as dangerous. 515 more words