Down and Dangerous review

Down and Dangerous review. (2013)

Writer and Director: Zak Forsman


John T. Woods as Paul Boxer

Paulie Redding (Credited as Paulie Rojas) as Olivia Ivarra… 172 more words


Movie Review: CREED - Michael B Jordan - A Passing of the Baton

Creed is a film that from the trailers can be looked at as a continuation of the Rocky franchise, but it is actually more of a ‘Rebirth’ for the franchise and a passing of the baton in a way. 727 more words


Movie Review: Creed Brings Rocky Back For Another Round

Sure, call it “Rocky’s Greatest Hits” if you’d like, but it’s hard to argue that this formulaic film works. Despite adhering to the well-established formula that the Rocky movies are pretty much known for, Creed is an entertaining and at times impactful film filled with stand-out performances, a solid script, and marvelous direction. 307 more words


The Dark Knight Rises – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… The Dark Knight Rises
Batman fights a speech impaired bald guy and checks out a very flexible cat lady.

The Plot
Eight years ago Batman took the responsibility for the deaths caused by Two-Face. 614 more words


Film Review :- Tamasha

Wow or Pakao

Film: – Tamasha

Director: – Imtiaz Ali

Actors: – Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor

Rating: – 2.5 stars

Gist of the movie… 507 more words

Film Review And Entertinment

The Return of The Long Lost College Friend

So yesterday I met up with Justin the guy who I met in college this year and we got pretty close in college but just last month or 2 months ago he decided to pull the breaks on A-levels. 436 more words

Jennifer Lawrence Plans to Turn Director

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Lawrence has plans to make the jump from actor to director. Lawrence has stated that she already has her first directorial project lined up. 128 more words