Walk In The Shadows ~ Queensryche

I could hardly believe it when I found this video.  One of my favorite movies, “The Company of Wolves” used as a video for my favorite song – Queensryche’s “Walk In The Shadows”.  Very beautiful!


Potential Cast For The Power Rangers Movie Reboot Revealed

Although the TV series is currently in its 22nd season, now known as Power Rangers Dino Thunder, long time fans of the original series were excited with the news of… 189 more words

Torrent This

Christopher and His Kind | 2011

Directed by Geoffrey Sax

Starred Matt Smith, Imogen Poots, Douglas Booth

The story took place in 1931, Berlin. Christopher, born in a wealthy family in England, went to Berlin from an invitation of his friend, W. 227 more words


17 Brilliant Movies Based On Artists

There are artists, and then there are Artists, who leave behind a legacy so great, as to bring awe. Films have attempted to capture this legacy, but only a few truly ever have. 796 more words


Bollywood Movie Reviews



Proud of India’s entry into great visual effects movies.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Old kind of Salman movie where he takes the audience in his hands! 177 more words

Malayalam Movie Reviews

North 24 Kaatham (Kaatham – An old kind of distance measurement)


Well-made movie with innovative concept. Great acting by Fahad Faazil. Good attempt by director Radhakrishnan. 575 more words

Halloween 2015 Day 4 - "Witching and Bitching"

Cult director Álex de la Iglesia is a real peice of work. His body of films are a niche endeavour, a Frankenstein combination of traditional horror, eyebrow-raising commentary (not always clear on what) and a sick (in every sense) sense of humour. 273 more words