Cinema Squad Podcast – Episode #11!

Welcome to the Cinema Squad Podcast – Episode #11!

Each week we bring you the latest movie news, covering everything from script to screen.  On this episode, we are discussing the week of April 25th – May 1st, 2016.   372 more words

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This film is definitely not for everyone. My only suggestion for this film is: know what you are getting yourself into. If you are not a Key and Peele fan, or if you get easily offended, you might want to skip this one. 223 more words

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Shaun The Sheep: The Farmers Llamas

Release: 2015 / Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas
TV or Movie: Movie

Shaun the Sheep gets the Farmer to bring home a llama from the County Fair.



Release: 2016 / Zootopia
TV or Movie: Movie

In the animal city of Zootopia, which is populated by mammals, birds, fish, Invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, Primates, Marine Mammals, dinosaurs, Arthropods, Insects, Mollusks, annelids, Echinoderms and Arachnids a fast-talking fox who’s trying to make it big goes on the run when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. 36 more words


Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight!

Release: 2015 / Marvels Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight
TV or Movie: Movie

New Avengers Animated Movie


Weekly Round-Up: April 16-22, 2016

  • Boyz n the Hood (1991) – Very impressive story about good kids growing up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Authentic performances and dialogue elevate this film into true art.
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Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has become a recent favorite of mine after releasing the extremely tense Prisoners and then following that up with the deliciously mind-bending… 653 more words