Mobile DevOps (DevDay 2016 Talk)

My talk on DevDay 2016 was about how to build your million dollar app with mobile devops. I titled it in that manner because every app has the potentional to be worth million dollars or more, but it depends on the delivery and how the company pitch it to the correct market segement. 1,268 more words


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Here is an up to date version of the same C# tutorial led by the same person. I prefer this version because it lets you keep tabs on your progress and there are multiple choice questions at the end of the videos. 11 more words


TempDB - Allocation & Deallocation Tracking - Internal & User Objects


After quite  a long lapse, took this entire weekend to dig more into tempdb hyper growth.

We noticed that tempdb was using quite a bit of memory on a couple of boxes. 726 more words


Microsoft Enters 2017 With 45 Offerings in Magic Quadrants

In Q1 2017, as always, we reset this chart – no bold or italic for new entries. As of January 20, no new MQs had yet been published in 2017 featuring Microsoft, so the picture below lays out a new picture for the year ahead. 14 more words




Programa para eliminar junto con un archivo de lotes (.bat) el denominado virus “acceso directo” que no permite ingresar a los archivos una ves infectada la unidad o el archivo. 26 more words


Logon script to map based on username

To only map for a certain or a particular user based on username:

net use H: \\servername\sales /persistent:yes

if /i “%username% == “joe.blogg” net use J: \\servername1\management /persistent:yes… 35 more words