Let's get ready to rumble

Another BIG deal from Microsoft and it also can open the door for a successful mobile phone marketing with low-budget devices. A rebirth of the Lumia series with a Chinese OS version would get Apple more and more into dire straits on the world’s biggest market. 35 more words


Microsoft just told me to buy a MacBook Pro

Today was the big day from Microsoft where the new Surface Pro would be announced in Shanghai and after watching some reviews and news snippets I can say MS will not be getting my money when I have to get a new computer. 392 more words


What I’d Tell My Graduating Self: An M&T Alumni Reflection

Rewind to 2014. I walked victoriously across the stage in my cap and gown, fresh from snapping a picture with Dean Eduardo Glandt. No lyrics rang truer in my head than, “School’s out for summer / School’s out forever.” I couldn’t wait to finally transition from college student to working professional. 1,148 more words


Surface Pro is advertised as a laptop but sold as a tablet

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new laptop, just as we expected. The company calls it simply the Surface Pro, as there’s no need for numbers to identify this particular piece of hardware anymore. 299 more words


New Microsoft Surface Pro Announced!

In the market for a new laptop?  While PC’s can all look the same these days, Microsoft is making an effort to show how amazing a PC can actually be.   408 more words