Compatibility issue in SSIS

Just discovered a difference in the way SSIS parent-child package variable values interact in the newest version of SSIS. This can seriously impact SSIS-projects’ upgrade. If packages exchange information not using parameter binding but using configuration mechanism then upgraded project after upgrade stops working! 22 more words


The release of the original Xbox version games on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced at the E3 gaming conference earlier this year that it would expand support for backwards compatible in some Xbox games on the Xbox One. 173 more words


TCGP 109 - Six Armed Goku

On this automatically laughable episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Shadow of War is life. Activision got a weird patent. When do I get the Dragon Ball of Fighters to the Z? 56 more words

The College Gamers

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Are you studying in Trimester 3?

If so, you’re probably taking this time now to ensure you’re fully prepared for the coming trimester. Enrolling in classes, buying notepads, ensuring your personal computer has all the software you need. 174 more words

General News

Microsoft renames VBS

Great. VBS/Secure Kernel is now renamed to Windows Defender System Guard Container. This is really getting old guys.

— Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) October 23, 2017…

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Original XBOX games fire up on XBOX One tomorrow

Microsoft originally announced that backwards compatibility for the XBOX One would be coming this year. However, you’ll be surprised to find that the release for the retro ensemble will be heading to your home tomorrow, October 24th. 297 more words


How much! and adverts too

The zoo needed pc’s as some of them are well over ten years old and showing signs of hardware issues like forgetting the time** and being a bit slow with other regular seek human movements that persuaded the zoo to flash some cash on stuff.. 195 more words