New Minecraft Update Coming To Nintendo Switch & Wii U Tonight

Mojang and Microsoft are pumping out a new update for Minecraft that will release later tonight on Nintendo Switch & Wii U. Additions coming to the game include a new UI engine, new animals, new beds, and more. 96 more words

Ransom virus Wannacry can perhaps be prevented with an anal #bigbrotheriswatchingyou implementing Microsoft update!!!

With anal I mean not mature, underdeveloped, recalcitrant and wicked.

OK Microsoft update will perhaps prevent Wannacry ransom ware viruses, but will also:

  • change behavior of computer at will of #bigbrotheriswatchingyou…
  • 56 more words
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Video: Beyond Good And Evil 2 - Why You'll Need a Crew And How To Get One

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is very early in development but that hasn’t stopped the team from showing off the game and its various concepts. The latest video takes a look at why its all-important to choose the right team from the job in the prequel to Beyond Good & Evil. 29 more words


Xbox One X : Setting the Record Straight and Technical FAQ

Since the announcement of the Xbox One X, there has been a tremendous amount of misinformation, inaccurate details, and general misunderstanding of the console. My goal here is to set the record straight by providing all of the pertinent information for people who don’t fully understand how the console functions, what benefits it offers for all players, and to explain some the more advanced features.  2,461 more words

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Empowering your Sales force to increase revenue!

Sales and Marketing has transformed. Prospects have taken control of the purchasing process, venturing further down the sales funnel without ever speaking to a sales representative. 655 more words


Episode 38/39: Fargo Series Finale & E3

I babble about the complete end of Fargo and, possibly, my existence. Time-travel abound in this wild episode of the Scrivnerd Podcast. Sorry for the echo! 24 more words


Don't Call, Ya'll!

If you get a pop-up on your computer that tells you something is wrong  and you need to call a number… 

100% of the time… 213 more words