The dimension of science

Most of the atheist have a kind of scientific world view,but of course not necessarily all. This is related to their rejection of religion, because of its irrationality, and their acceptance of science for its rationality. 2,886 more words


Steps To Take Every Friday

Follow This 4-Step Routine Every Friday

By Andrew Merle

Don’t make the mistake of treating Friday like any other workday.

Having a specific and intentional routine on Friday will set you up for a relaxing weekend and a successful following week. 676 more words


👥[annota]08 WebSocialSci


Web Social Science – Preface and Introduction

Research using web data: 

  • behaviours on the web is a unique cultural form that deserves to be documented and understood; # virtual ethnography (not included in this book)
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Let's declutter... my books!

Some weeks ago I realized something was wrong. I live in a pretty big room and I have too much stuff!

To tell the truth, I already knew that. 321 more words


Five Great Questions to Ask in an Interview

It’s always advised to prepare a set of questions before taking part in a job interview – if you don’t then it can make you look disinterested in the role and the company. 396 more words


Size Isn't All That Matters

So, what’s a big sample?

Rule-of-thumb: 30+

HUH? 30?! What about 500?! 30 is too small!

Nope. 30 is around the time where samples start settling down. 502 more words