How do I log out of Sakai 11?

Even Amazon has it – a way to log out of the site when you’re done.  Sakai’s logout process is much the same.

Locate the Logout area at the top right near where you see your name listed and/or your profile image.   79 more words


ADAL and how to sign in with Microsoft accounts in Xamarin.iOS

One the latest bits we added to suite is Azure’s Active Directory Authentication (ADAL from now on). Basically, you can authenticate users by their Microsoft account, and let them access the app or not. 109 more words


circuits.web and sessions

To continue my recent string of posts relating to circuits.web, the following code is an easy to understand example of how sessions work. The most common reason people use this is to create “login” and “logout” functions, but sessions can also be used to store data for each user using a web application. 236 more words


Sign Into Your SharePoint 2013 Site As A Different User

If you have SharePoint configued to use NTLM with Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) then it can be tricky to come into your portal as someone other than yourself. 72 more words


Really, Netflix?

The time had come. I had mooched off of my friend’s Netflix account long enough and it was time to go legit and sign up for my own account. 423 more words


Handling navigation from the browser's Back button after Logout in Play Framework.


While developing any web application most of us have seen a common glitch where by hitting ‘Back’ button of the browser after successful sign-out, we would still get to see the pages which should only be visible if our session is alive. 609 more words


Quit Bash Shell Without Saving Bash History


Sometimes it is very useful to delete / remove Bash history partially or completely when log out. Here is my favourite methods howto log out / quit / exit Bash shell without saving Bash history. 111 more words