How to vote on Show Champion ?

Show Champion is one of the main Music Shows. Voting is part of the score that can make Sewoon win 1st place on the Music Show. 75 more words


One-Liner Wednesday – Who Are You?

Yes I DO !!!

Last Saturday, I was presented with the message no blogger wants to see from WordPress:

“User does not exist”

What the…? 422 more words

One Line Wed

Creating Profiles in Google Chrome

With the Increase in network security creating passwords for an account have become more complicated. Most of the web applications or websites require at least 8 characters with a minimum of one uppercase and lower case letter and many more never ending criteria. 246 more words


Log in SAP @Eclipse

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To Login Eclipse ADT for SAP development, Eclipse provides ABAP perspective. There are different perspectives for different HANA developments and in our case of ABAP development, ABAP perspective provides all the tools required to develop different ABAP objects. 170 more words