Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi to return to Silicon Valley

Xiaomi’s global head Hugo Barra is leaving the company.

In a Facebook post, Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra announced that he was leaving the company to return to Silicon Valley. 294 more words


This is Samsung's new 8-point battery safety check

Samsung has a new, um, battery of tests for its upcoming phones.

Now that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fire investigation has concluded, the company is looking to the future, which means convincing customers that its upcoming phones are safe for everyday use. 249 more words


Samsung checked 200,000 Galaxy Note 7s to figure out battery fires

The information is in, and we know why the Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire.

Samsung has announced the official results of its Galaxy Note 7 fire investigation and, as expected — since the recalls in September and October, respectively — the phone’s battery was to blame. 320 more words


From the Editor's Desk: We like different phones, and that's OK

Diversity in Android means we can disagree on the ‘best’ phone, but still both have a great phone.

This week I wrote a three-month follow-up to our Pixel review, keeping up our tradition of returning to high-profile devices several months on to see how they’ve held up over time. 469 more words


Best Android apps for your Chromebook

An injection of over 1,000,000 Android apps does a great job filling in the holes in Chrome.

A few Chromebooks already have Android apps through Google Play. 848 more words