Drunk man may have started the robot uprising

When the robot overlords have risen to enslave us and punish us for our transgressions against their kind, know the name of Jason Sylvain, for he is the one who has doomed us all. 87 more words


Reddit is changing, and Redditors aren't happy about it

Reddit announced earlier this year that it was working on a site redesign, and one of the biggest changes is the elimination of custom community styles via CSS. 101 more words


An Important Article.

Today on Twitter, I saw this article retweeted by The Regrettes, a young rock band that advocates for feminist issues in and outside the studio, who appeared in the article. 230 more words

Spotify adds lyrics explanations on Android

Last year, Spotify teamed up with Genius to integrate lyric annotations onto its music player, but the feature has been an iOS-only staple for over a year. 104 more words


Burger King recruits gamers to sell Whoppers to their teammates

Burger King is on a tear right now. First it’s trying to hijack your Google Home via your TV, and now it’s trying to infiltrate your video games. 91 more words


Willy Meller - Sportlerrelief

Jakob Wilhelm (Willy) Meller’s Sportlerrelief at the Ordensburg Vogelsang, a beautiful sculpture of German athletes, is shown here before and after the occupation by American soldiers.   228 more words


Aerix Black Talon 2.0 is drone racing's gateway drug

Calling the Black Talon 2.0 the best racing drone for beginners is doing it a great disservice. As someone who has flown everything from $29 micro-drones to several-thousand dollar quadcopters, there’s something insulting about slapping Aerix’s latest entry with a “for beginners” tag. 77 more words