Are You Lying?

Most of us have a pretty good sense of who we are, how we like to operate and the kind of person we want to be. 487 more words


Ready or Not...

George Siemens tells us “Learning is a continual process, lasting for a lifetime. Learning and work related activities are no longer separate. In many situations, they are the same.” 1,042 more words


Be in Beta

I’ve been working in Technology for 2 years now. I’ve had a lot of fun, I’ve worn a lot of jeans and sneaks at work, and I’ve learned a TON. 396 more words


Stop Being So Comfortable

Your comfort zone is a nice place to be. It’s cozy, you’re in charge, you know all the answers – even if the answer is to ask your boss. 366 more words


Never Stop Learning.

Learning is a part of living

One thing I have come to appreciate over the last few years is gaining fun and fresh knowledge through the experiences of others. 568 more words


Minecraft: Education Edition to become available mid-2016

Here is the announcement from Minecraft’s maker, Mojang:

Arriving this summer, the new title aims to reach more educators around the world with a richer set of features and a thriving community.

469 more words