A Reminiscence of Ipoh

The above is a picture of Master Leong who taught me Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei’s version of Yang style Tai Chi, Tai Ruler and Pok Khek. 241 more words


Living is learning. 

What is LOVE what is love what is love. I thought I knew. I thought I was positively sure. I scoffed at everyone who said I was young and had so much to learn; who said I was so young. 457 more words


A Trip to Ipoh

Time really flies. Its nearly 17 months since I was last in Ipoh.

Just checked the travel arrangements. OK so far. By the start of next week I will know if I am going back for a few days from mid week till the first day of the weekend. 36 more words


If you don’t keep repeating a mantra of some sort to yourself, you’ll never survive.

The happiest thing about becoming a professional writer was that I could go to bed early and get up early.

71 more words

Educating my baby

Kaanas and I were talking about Mingli and some of the educational activities I want to do with him when he is older (right now the plan is to homeshool him) and Kaanas made the comment that Mingli is too young to do educational things right now.   301 more words


Almost back: One more week

Yes, I’ve been away for ages.  Wish I could say I was off smelling the flowers, but not! However, I’m counting down until I’m back to this blog in one week!   90 more words

Wool Yarn

Apache Aurora

I won't be terribly lenghty with tonight's blog post- only to say that I spent some time bringing myself up to speed on Apache Aurora… 45 more words