before the start of EVERY show

In a world full of brain noise, mind gremlins, monkey chatter, mitote, head static, incessant inner-talk… let’s take it back a notch and just try focusing on  37 more words


3 Ways Leaders Can Support Ongoing Professional Development

I just read this article by Steven W. Anderson where he discusses what he calls the lack of involvement from leadership on the professional development and the result of that. 465 more words

Staff Development

Cursive, Foiled Again

I remember grade school classrooms decorated with pages of letters using the Palmer method of penmanship. We had to practice using our whole arm to make the endless swoops and loops of what we then called simply writing, as opposed to printing. 355 more words


Learn the tarot


I’m hugely excited about my first course of 2018! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to read the cards, then this course is perfect for you! 126 more words


Sovereignty: The Ryan Michler Interview

This post I’m doing something completely different…an interview…with someone I’ve been following and looking up to for some time now, Ryan Michler. AND, we barely scrape the surface on the topic of real estate investing, so completely different. 575 more words




“fish parings or refuse”

Fisherman often use gubbins as bait for larger catches.

The left over bait was thrown into the bin with the rest of the gubbins.


Form & Application Example 4

(continuing from previous post)

Its one thing to do fixed techniques when your training partner is not reacting. This is where free flow, uncooperative push hands come in. 66 more words