What I Learned From Banquet

I am a firm believer that God puts you through things for a reason and we should always learn as much as we can from where we’re put. 766 more words


Toolkit Part 4

Learning is never finished. One part of a teacher’s job is to continue learning. This enables a teacher to keep up with the current best practices. 386 more words

Training And Performance Improvement

Beyond Manners

We sometimes assume that back talk, acting out, name calling and rude behavior are commonplace when it comes to interactions with our children. Teaching our children manners and respect is an essential part of teaching out children, as this translates into self-respect and building upon their self-esteem. 238 more words

IBM Apprenticeship vs Uni (in the view of an Apprentice) - John Longworth

Firstly, a very brief recap of myself for anyone that may not have read my ‘Introductory’ post. I’m now in my 3rd and final year of the IBM apprenticeship programme (started WAY back in February 2014) and have worked on 2 very different client accounts in multiple varied roles. 934 more words


Perception is deception

Time is a complex concept. Perception is worst. People say time flies when you enjoyed yourself. I doubt it. When you immerse yourself into the happenings of life, time seems to slow down, yet, speeds up when you consciously notice it.  1,258 more words


8 Tips on how to master the 4 main parts of language learning

Learning a new language can be a positive or negative experience depending on how you do it. To completely have mastered a language you’ll need to be equally good in listening, reading, writing and speaking. 877 more words


Tolkien's Toilet Paper

Finally it’s the weekend let’s have a moment of silence…. doesn’t that feel good. Haven’t had much time for projects or drawing lately unfortunately.

I have been working some Illustrator fundamentals and I have started a project that I’m still excited about even though it’s been a couple weeks. 71 more words