Hurt -2

I want to start this post by thanking all my readers and friends for encouraging me to write everything that I do. For many years, I did not tell anyone that I love writing because I was afraid of being judged for my thoughts. 944 more words

20 Ideas To Live A Happy Life (1 min read)

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?  Yeah, sometimes it becomes difficult to survive and to be happy. How frustrating it is, but you never can estimate the value of life. 365 more words


020 - 3 years ago it all changed

3 years ago around this time I started the next major phase of my life. It wasn’t really my choice – I lost my job, lost my girlfriend, and very nearly lost my mind. 417 more words


The Pros and Cons of Travelling; as told by a Twenty Something

Travelling has always been in my blood; my parents met in Saudia Arabia, I always went on exotic holidays as a kid and my dreams always consisted of new destinations. 1,419 more words



Hello everyone! I’m not dead!

I’ve missed you all so much! I’ve missed writing, and I’ve missed relaxing, but things of course are getting hectic since the school semester is winding down to summer break. 72 more words


Investigating SEESAW

Hello everyone,

This past week in ECMP355, we were talking about different formative assessment tools. We were playing around with quite a few and frankly, it was very entertaining! 528 more words


Overview of Prockc Learning

Become our partner – explore & expand the way we learn – the PROCKC way !!!!


The content creator is YOU !!!!!!!

136 more words