Exploring Cartomancy: Beginners. Part 2   Todays lesson-Kings

Good morning!

Let’s talk about the Kings in your standard deck of playing cards. As most anyone interested in, ‘The Cards’ already knows, Kings are generally known to represent an adult, male person. 196 more words


Wakefield Literary Festival 2016: "Books and learning filled my soul"

On the evening of the last day of September, I was lucky enough to attend a really interesting cultural event as part of the Wakefield Literary Festival 2016… 593 more words

Adventure or Insanity?

Have you ever had a crazy idea? You know, the type where your spouse looks at you with *that* expression, whilst slowly shaking their head. You know what I’m talking about! 215 more words


GameHub’s Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids

When learning is fun it doesn’t feel like learning, which is precisely why video-games and apps can be such great tools to help children. They think they’re just playing, while you know that they’re actually brushing up on their numeracy skills or improving their use of language. 758 more words

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I’d like to say that I know all

The promises I should recall

But since I was a tiny tot

It seems to me there were a lot. 118 more words


MozFest here we come!

A few weeks ago I wrote a bursary application to SCL, who were offering library people a unique development opportunity as part of the digital leadership programme. 277 more words