Guest Post - Day 8: Coping With Death

Coping With Death

By Shweta Suresh

Blog – My Random Ramblings

Life was never meant to be a bed of roses. The inevitable journey from womb to tomb is interspersed with many thorns. 1,364 more words


Past is past (Life Learning)

past that has passed, whether good or bad, it was still called the past. However, someone can not go back like when the circumstances that previously occurred, because the past is the time where the past is in the past. 299 more words

General Information

Establishing a Framework to Support Independent Revision

An Action Research Project by Darragh McMullan (Humanities)


The focus for this will be year 10 students going into year 11. From previous experience and with the increasing demands on students to undertake exam revision, I feel students need to be clear what areas of a course they are weaker in and what areas they need to focus on more specifically for revision. 366 more words


A Beginner’s Guide to Trekking in the Himalayas

Anusha Subramanian, a trained mountaineer from N. I. M. Uttarkashi, combines her knowledge with her experience of expeditions and high altitude treks to bring out this comprehensive guide on how to prepare for exploring the mighty Himalayas. 10 more words

Mountain Walking

Everyone should learn how to drive 

Since moving to Ramsgate and experiencing the transport down here, being a Londoner you start to miss TFL. It may be expensive and be the centre of arguments and strikes, but TFL is a great transport network that has everything you need to get you from A to B in the busy capital. 741 more words


Language Learning

I am on a roll! I mean this blog is probably having a moment, thinking it’s having whiplash with the amount of posts that are churning out of it. 878 more words

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Helpful Strategies For Learning About Auto Repair

When you have car problems, you should get your car fixed quickly. You can t get to where you need to go is you car is not running properly. 33 more words

Diesel Repair