Where there is no wood, the fire goes out...

Happiness Project Sunday night edition.

Go off the path. It’s the next step in Rubin’s “Happiness Project”. And it’s so absolutely true for myself, my co-workers and my clients. 205 more words

Hug a Librarian

I can absolutely point back to teachers who have made a difference in my life.  But I can also point back to librarians who have changed my world. 399 more words


Things You Could Learn From "Ratchet" People

We frown upon those who don’t give a shit about what society says human beings should be like. Sometimes instead of judging “ratchet” folk maybe we need to take some lessons from them and ask ourselves why do we really not like them? 584 more words

Declara Wins Education Category at 2015 World Technology Summit Awards

Declara, Inc. (read about our partnership with Declara here) has confirmed its position as one of the world’s top emerging education technology companies by winning the prestigious 2015 World Technology Summit Award (Education Category), in New York City last Friday night. 366 more words


Continuous Learning translates into Continuous Employment

(Image source: Andy Nagpal)

Many students don’t understand that after graduation, their learning journeys continue. Continuous learning doesn’t always take place in a classroom. It could involve hours of self-study or on-the-job training programs. 593 more words

Dear Depression

This time of year is weird for me…most of my major break-ups or “almost” break-up have happened around this season, and they have left deep imprints in my subconscious. 633 more words


PBL - Defining the goals of each group

Hi all,

Continuing the implementation of the PBL…

The next class groups were encouraged to establish their goals with regard to the problem exposed in the previous class. 18 more words