Looking Back : Things I've Learned in the Past Year

Whenever we reach an important moment in our life, however small (important things can be small), we tend to view it as a ‘pausing point’; we look back at where we’ve been before we turn to where we are going. 354 more words

Dye Day!

My guild (the CU Spinners and Weavers Guild) hosts an annual Dye Day each spring–in addition to the Natural Dye Day in the fall. I should say, more specifically, that the excellent, awesome, and amazing Beth hosts Dye Day . 371 more words


Leaking Roof

I read a complaint on Facebook about water leakage in the new DTL stations. I have seen pails on the floor in the Botanic Gardens station on the DTL side and didn’t think much about it. 351 more words


knowledge is power.

When we shut ourselves off to knowledge we shut ourselves off to growth.

I was made to hate education by school and I believe it had the same effect on many others. 276 more words


#90 Kind old lady advice

Today I was doing the weekly grocery shop with baby girl in tow. Or should I say ‘in tow,’ most of the time. ‘In tow,’ only eventuates after repeated repeated repeated repeated instruction, pleading, bribes, and threats. 521 more words


Class 12th was an evolution. Indeed it was. Recently reading one article written by Amartya Chakrabarti themed ‘Journeys’ inspired me to write something about the one class that mattered. 154 more words


Hypatia of Alexandria (370 CE – 415 CE) was a mathematician and philosopher. She was educated at Athens. Her father was the mathematician Theon who tutored her in math, astronomy and philosophy. 230 more words

Notes From The Undrground