A Real Change Begins Here...

To all mothers and fathers, grandparents step parents guardians etc. It is time. You need to show your children respect for yourselves in order to teach them respect for others. 261 more words

Compartmentalized Rage.

They saw my poetry. They loved it. Then they tried to trick me into using my poems for their own benefit… Big mistake.


I look through… 201 more words


Be the change, take two!

Sitting in the dark of my eighth grade history class, I remember suddenly wondering what future generations of students would learn about the time period in which I was living on earth. 1,182 more words


CAP 105 Hopes and wishes

There are many hopes and wishes that I hope to take away from this class. I am a Advertising/PR major with a minor in art, and I feel as if I have mastered many advertising tools, but I know there is so many more skills to be learned. 353 more words


Times to leave the kids alone

Back in the dark ages of teaching I had a class of 41 at one stage! As you can imagine it was difficult to see that every child got their needs met. 571 more words

'Will my children like to read?' | Learning To Read

So many parents worry about when their children will learn to read. Will they read early, on time, or late? Will it be easy or hard? 324 more words