A list of clichés

I’m back, blog world!

Did you miss me? Probably not, considering that no one actually reads this, but it’s nice to think you did at least. 400 more words

Grade 2/3 Postcard Project: Help Us Out!

Back in the summer someone in a Facebook Group I’m in posted about something they called the Canadian Postcard Exchange and I was intrigued. Basically you commit to having your class send a postcard (homemade or store-bought) to 25 other schools in Canada. 266 more words


Why do we fixate on particular data?

“You suck.”

A fear of hearing some variation of that phrase makes many instructors reluctant to gather midterm feedback from their students, even though research shows… 1,361 more words


Travelling Back in Time

I am exploring history by tapping into personal memories, recalling childhood experiences and researching materials in books and on the internet. My goal is to substantiate memories by backing them up with historical facts. 513 more words


Why I Was Tempted To Stop Blogging

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Heyaaa guys I’m back! Didja miss me? It’s been 6 weeks since my last post, and I wanted to explain a key insight I had during this long absence. 1,053 more words

Money Matters

A Letter to my First Born Child

My Dear Olive,

I was 26 and not married when I found out I was going to be your mom. I must have taken 100 pregnancy tests before I believed you were true. 492 more words

Starting nursery

My little boy is growing up fast and attended his first day of nursery on Friday.

I have seen some smug posts online about women who are not sending their children to nursery and feel ‘extremely lucky’ that they don’t have to put children in daycare.They talk about ‘Mummy guilt’ and I whilst I have absolutely no mummy guilt from putting Lemmy in nursery, other people act like I should and that is a bad thing. 427 more words