If I hadn't tried TAB

Today, I introduced an activity to help my senior students notice the differences between lines and values.  I had been sifting through Clara Lieu’s playlist, “ 492 more words

Art Education

Step 0 - Introduction

Hey there, I’m Jack. I will be researching and posting my journey here regarding how I start my first business. I’m currently a complete novice regarding anything business-oriented and will be learning from the beginning. 308 more words

The year of the adult

This time last year I was sitting down to write my first blog entry. Little did I know it would write so few over this past year! 397 more words

Well that happened.....

The answer to the question of “what we would do in the summer months?” was always kind of a vague optimistic response. From the very beginning of this adventure we knew that coping with the intense Mexican heat from mid July – mid October was something we would have to face. 992 more words


Living vs. Existing

I saw a quote that read something along the lines of “I realized all of my problems could be fixed, I didn’t want to die, I wanted to live.” This isn’t the exact quote word for word, but it came from someone who tried killing themselves, and in the moment they jumped they realized they had made a big mistake. 476 more words


Big Steps Forward 

At the stage I’m in now with missions, I can’t really talk about the process as openly anymore (for safety reasons). I will try to keep you all as informed as possible, but I apologize if it ends up just being vague. 187 more words


Learned Today

When we are really not in need, a precious thing becomes useless even if offered at free.