Is any "bad" decision we make actually bad upon reflection?

Before I discuss this question, let me start off by saying, today, was an AWESOME day. I went rock climbing with one of the BEST people I know, and It was one of my most favourite days, ever. 645 more words


Nature walk activity 

In our house when the kids cry they are bored it time to get on our outdoor attire depending on the season and heading off on a nature walk. 102 more words


7 Tips for Learning a New Language - By Zatasha Kiran

Learning a new language can be difficult, there are a lot of rules, ideas and new words to take in and it can get overwhelming. 232 more words


muesli, spiders and faithfulness


if you saw a crazy white woman jumping, spinning and skipping around her living room today, you’re probably a neighbour on the third floor across from me, or a spider on the wall. 477 more words


Why do we try to differentiate adult education from child education? What if we flipped it around and tried to discover what was different in the child’s experience of learning? 73 more words


The power of a shock-factor

This week has been my first week back since the fellows had classes on campus last week. The way this program is set up has us in rotating between being in our student teaching placement and being in classes, preparing for teaching and digesting what we experience in the schools. 412 more words


The Grey Box

New entry for the Quality Control  Competition on the Forums!

Budget: Between Between 140k and 190k

Lot Size: 30×20

Futuristic theme and style
Unique design… 516 more words