The Alternative 'If'...

If your head is lost…

And those around you count the cost.

If trust has gone the way of hope,

Dangling on the hangman’s rope. 309 more words

Excel Percents - 0% vs. <1%

Let’s say you have 1 in 100. That’s 1%, right? 1 in 1,000? Okay. That’s 0.1%. Now let’s say you have 1 in 1,000,000. If you’re doing this in Excel, with 2 decimal places, Excel will call that 0.00%. 181 more words


Decision making statements

In our previous tutorials, we learnt

  • Print our customary Hello World!
  • Learn how to create and assign variables in Python
  • How to check for data types.
  • 491 more words

The Most Liberating Verse of My Year and It Could Be Your's Too

I have read this verse over and over.  Sometimes the smallest words could make the biggest impact.  Omitting it could have drastic effects.  Making sure to read it breaks chains.   518 more words