Microsoft Edge Is Windows 10’s Internet Explorer Replacement - David Gilinsky

Say goodbye to Microsoft Internet Explorer and hello to Microsoft Edge.

Shown off at the annual Microsoft Build developer conference, the Edge browser will be available for Windows 10 when it is released this summer. 458 more words

David Gilinsky

Facebook calender sync on Android device

Few days back I found that there is some issues between Facebook and Google so FB events and contacts are not getting synced on my Android device. 304 more words


I Can't Sleep.

I’ve been lying in bed for three hours. I’ve tried the visualizations. I’m running the white noise. I took a goddamn hot bath. I still can’t get out of my head, and just fucking SLEEP. 423 more words

Can't Sleep

Publilius Syrus Quotes at BrainyQuote

Just wanted to share today’s Quote of the day from Publilius Syrus “It is better to learn late than never.”

Why Goldberg?

Statistically, 14,000 Americans died this weekend. Why does someone make the paper just because his wife is COO of Facebook? What about the John Doe who died this weekend? 58 more words


A Ten-Poem Day

Today, as most Tuesdays, I conducted “Title Tuesday,” wherein I supply five poem titles for the Facebook group Poets All Call, and anyone who wishes may take a title and run with it. 1,106 more words

Facebook is messing with me again.

Facebook is messing with me again. They have blocked my account and are asking me to upload a picture of my driver’s license or some other kind of picture ID to unblock it. 33 more words