Week 4 - Media & Social Media

Think back to 25-50 years ago, and how media was seen. It was simply seen on television or in your local newspapers. When people needed to know what was going on they grabbed a local newspaper or even a USA Today newspaper and began reading. 368 more words

April = National Poetry Month

“Poetry has been for centuries our great social media. You are its great theme.”
— Jeff Shotts

April is National Poetry Month!

Join me here and on… 42 more words


Marketing & Facebook: Strategies For Success

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is certainly at the height of popularity. If you run a business, you are probably aware that Facebook can really help you to market your company when you use it the right way. 480 more words


Тъмносиви прилепнали дънки

Хей, Мъжки Дрехи обнови своята стена с нов link post. НОВО! Тъмносиви прилепнали дънки
Марка: Jack&Jones | Колекция: Jeans Intelligence
Цена: 144.90
Вземете от Facebook магазина: … 37 more words


Marketing Ideas For Facebook

How do you market on Facebook? When you do social media marketing on Facebook I suggest you focus on each of three words separately. Let me explain what I mean. 542 more words


10 Tips For Using Facebook As A Marketing Tool

You should already be aware of how Facebook can really give your business a huge boost. There are so many different social media strategies involving Facebook that you will never be out of things to try. 468 more words