From the Editor's Desk: We like different phones, and that's OK

Diversity in Android means we can disagree on the ‘best’ phone, but still both have a great phone.

This week I wrote a three-month follow-up to our Pixel review, keeping up our tradition of returning to high-profile devices several months on to see how they’ve held up over time. 469 more words


Study: Facebook Can Actually Make Us More Narrow-Minded

By AJ Willingham

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — On the surface, it seems like social media has the boundless potential to expand our world, connecting us to ideas and people we otherwise would never have found. 552 more words


How to Be Ready for Social Selling on Facebook

The top social sellers have been able to build relationships with buyers and actually become personal friends as well as business partners. I listened to the… 682 more words

Social Selling Hacks


Did you know when your cooking rice add a splash of Turmeric to it and you get a wonder colour of yellow otherwise known as Pilau Rice. 17 more words