Uber Bets on Artificial Intelligence With Acquisition and New Lab

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Uber adds AI team to harness the wealth of data it collects from millions of daily rides.

Artificial Intelligence

How to Help Build a Water Well in India

So you’d like to help provide clean water to children in India, but you’re not sure how… It’s actually very simple! Go to sendthelightnow.org and find the donate tab. 14 more words

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  1. what made this our breaking point    you asked     and i was unsure   of where   to start:
  2. i never text you good morning anymore
  3. a typed-in  enemy label  two fold  on facebook search bars documented   like glances behind shoulders  like     “why were you looking at his facebook again” “shit,   man,
  4. 191 more words

Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in New York City

This is what happens when the election of President Trump normalizes hate. This is what happens when the man who ran the platform for neo-Nazis is the chief policy advisor, when racists who call their Black colleagues “boy” are Attorney General and insane conspiracy theorists who want to go to war with Islam as a whole are national security advisors. 122 more words

Tech giants band together to fight terrorist content online

Some of the biggest names in tech have concocted a plan to combat the spread of terrorist content online together. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Alphabet-owned YouTube are creating a shared database of “hashes” for any terror-related content they remove from their services. 253 more words


'Pizzagate' and the real danger of fake news

The internet has always had its fair share of fake news and hoaxes, but it wasn’t until recently that it’s become an issue of national importance. 491 more words




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