Lindon Kwesi Johnson live - Reggae Fi Peach

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Ternyata Facebook Diam-diam Luncurkan Aplikasi WiFi Super Cepat Untuk Indonesia!

Facebook diam-diam meluncurkan sebuah aplikasi untuk sistem Android yang bisa dimanfaatkan pengguna untuk membeli paket data yang lebih murah dan menemukan fasilitas Wifi terdekat yang disediakan oleh Facebook. 224 more words


Affordances of Facebook

So, let’s talk about Facebook and the affordances they allow users. If you use Facebook every day, you’re familiar with the Status Update block that shows at the top of your Wall or above the timeline on your Profile when you log in. 341 more words


Gack, hours editing the list of the prosecuted films, that is finished. The non-prosecuted list is started, but not finished.

TWO! Two books on the suggested reading list. 21 more words

Cambridge Analytica data breach: FB reviews political strategist's role

Facebook said on Sunday it was conducting a “comprehensive internal and external review” to determine if the personal data of 50 million users that was reported to be misused by a political consultant still existed. 61 more words

I Deleted All Of My Facebook Friends Who Weren't On FIRE

To adhere to the Laws of Association (in that I become more of what I surround myself with) I decided to delete all of my Facebook friends who weren’t on the FIRE mentality. 160 more words