Snapchat has hired former Vanity Fair editor Betsy Lack to run global brand strategy

Lack ran Vanity Fair’s prestigious New Establishment conference series and magazine feature.

Snapchat has hired Betsy Lack, the former Vanity Fair editor who ran the company’s prestigious New Establishment conference series and magazine features, to be its new Head of Global Brand Strategy. 124 more words


One of the biggest bitcoin startups just took 'bitcoin' out of its Twitter bio

Enter Ethereum.

For the last four years, a heavily funded startup called Coinbase has been all about the digital currency bitcoin. And its Twitter bio said it all: “The easiest way to buy bitcoin.” 157 more words


I Think I'm Ready…

I’m going to a wedding next week and I’m not necessarily looking forward to it. The bride met her groom online, of all places, so now she’s a huge advocate for online dating. 391 more words

'The Division' update arrives with some giant bugs

The Division’s Conflict update is here, and it brings some big features for players eager to find new things to do. Great! Only… some of those features aren’t working properly. 18 more words


17,205 People Guessed The Weight Of A Cow. Here's How They Did.

How Smart is the crowd? 17,205 People Guessed The Weight Of A Cow. Here’s How They Did. via @RossDCurrie


Consumer Reports: 2016 Prius is the most fuel-efficient hybrid ever

It’s been a few years since land-cruising Cadillac Escalades ruled America’s streets. Fuel economy has trumped gas-guzzling style since the Great Recession, and hybrid cars surged in popularity. 17 more words


Facebook to show first live football match

Another milestone for live OTT sports as Facebook will stream a live match between two female Spanish sides this weekend.

via CSI Magazine