Play-Doh: An innovation that came from error or accidents

The mixture of flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil was first originally used as a reusable soup product to help clean wallpaper as part of the Kutol company (Biddle, 2012; Hiskey, 2015; Wonderopolis, n.d.). 823 more words

Futuring And Innovation

Orange Belt Age Uke class name error


Things White Belts Need To Know

PostgreSQL + rake db:migrate

ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: FATAL: role “dev” does not exist

If you receive the error above when trying to run your Rails migrations against a newly installed instance of PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu development box, all you need to do is a new role to Postgres with the name ‘dev’. 18 more words

Ruby On Rails

3 solutions to react to unexpected values in forms

When submitting a value in a form, a UI can be confronted with three types of unexpected values. The submitted value:

  1. Is not correct and will not be accepted…
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