... No Reason, oh! Fly...

​I don’t know why it is happening?

Not able to spare a second!

Blame the routine or self!

Who knows?

It’s like Michael sir’s songs… 88 more words


Corrections to the Hall-of-Fame

Hi everyone. HMC reader Ali has brought a couple of typos and omissions to my attention, and I have updated them. The first was the lack of high-miler Chet Berlisle and his amazing Lincoln Towncar on the list. 96 more words

Trump Administration Corrects Electoral Votes Error in President’s Biography – ABC News

ABC News Trump Administration Corrects Electoral Votes Error in President’s BiographyABC NewsThe Trump administration’s version of the WhiteHouse.gov website debuted today with an…


425. Reboot 

About my little health blip…

System error: Reboot Failed,

Start up in safe mode?

Enter, Yes,

Enter, Quilt,

Enter, Bed

System Booting: 1%

(Photo -Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017)

Eli Woodbine

...Smart Conqueror...

​It’s hard to forgive.

But do it for thyself.

It’s the way to

Leisurely blows

Inside the gushing veins.

It’s the need

To knit and weave… 25 more words


Saving changes is not permitted in SQL Server

Error: Some time when we try to edit the table design, like change a column type from int to real, we usually get following error: 83 more words

Sql Server

IRS accidentally gets our product

Well, all those of you out there that are employers probably heard the IRS shortened tax deadlines by a month (due by end of January instead of February).   102 more words