Make Your Own

I have heard of people having a make-your-own-pizza night, but last night was our first try. I set out a regular store-bought tomato sauce and a store-bought pesto, and I made up a sort of tapenade of black olives, dried sungold tomatoes, and basil. 600 more words


What's my element?

Fire has never been my element.

It has scared me.

Its intensity was not something I could draw from.

I could be air.

the battle of the winds compared to my inner turmoil. 132 more words



I love New Town. I love New Town so much that I recently purchased a sweatshirt that has NEW TOWN written on it, I love it so much. 598 more words


In A Nod To Photoshop

In A Nod To Photoshop
by Michael Romani

A lot can be said
By the naked raw
Some images instead
Need more to be their all

In a nod to Photoshop
Each element can be drawn out
Piece by piece; drop by drop
To bring completeness to stand out

Be it an intensity of eyes
Or the pain in the face
It's not hard to recognize
Each part has its place

In a frozen moment of incident
There is a closeness to the soul
In the spark that is heaven sent
The creator and the created play each role

It is in that liberation
Caught in that feeling
Moving into intuition
That is soul revealing

             ....It is the making of something iconic

(c) July 11, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Poetry And Poems

Kendrick Lamar "Element" {Fiyah Water Video Alert}

Kendrick Lamar putting in that work with these deep dope music video off the DAMN album, here go that “ELEMENT” track. #Fiyah #Water


Element Cards

I made this set from clip art I found online that seemed to go together well for the kids who are just starting to learn. They come with and without word labels. 73 more words


Video Review: Kendrick Lamar "ELEMENT"

In the ocean, a drowning Kendrick Lamar raises his hand above the waves.

A fight between several African-American men occurs. A crowd of men film it with their phones. 503 more words

Music Video