What is Cast Stone?

‘for the Apprentice’

Cast Stone is being used more than you would believe.  It is literally everywhere, homes, banks, shopping malls, schools, and county buildings, just to name a few.  283 more words


New "Old" Obsession: "Dead Love Song" by New Medicine

This past week, I decided to scroll through YouTube for a bit to try and discover some new music. But sometimes when you do this you come across music that has been out for a few years. 313 more words


Your Element

Was just in Kintyre for the weekend; one very intense essentially life changing weekend however I feel that is probably to be talked about in a blog later on in the week. 250 more words


element of preference

If it’s flame,
make it flicker

to consume the stick
even quicker

in celebration of
the fleeting burn,

but if it’s
only rain

guide the stream… 18 more words


Element (Descendants of Eden #1) by Pheobe Pach

Rating: 3/5
Genre: YA Fantasy
Recommended Age: 13+
Favorite Quote: “I hate what the world has become”
I was provided a free copy of this book by Pheobe Pach. 546 more words

Book Reviews


they said you were different

they said you didn’t belong

and the periodic monarch set trends

trends you didn’t follow along

oh astatine, you aren’t alone… 130 more words