The Last Unicorn

Apparently I was mislead about Vavel and being able to write anything I wanted to, anyway I wanted to. But here we have a post that I’m going to have to do some serious editing on because of how much first person is in it. 535 more words


The Affair - Season One - DVD Review


By Johna Autencio

This year’s Golden Globe-winning SHOWTIME drama series The Affair stars Dominic West (The Wire) and Ruth Wilson… 491 more words

New Release

Module 5 Assignment: Blog Post on Red Queens and Increasing Returns (DVD’s vs. ODV (On-Demand-Video): A Case of Increasing Returns)

The current competition between DVD’s and on-demand-video services is a great example of increasing returns. Arthur (1996) defines increasing returns as “the tendency for that which is ahead to get further ahead, for that which loses advantage to lose further advantage”. 381 more words