Windows 10 - How to install Linux Subsystem

1. First start activate the Developer mode.

Windows Settings –> Update & Security

Activeate –> Developer Mode

2. Activate the Windows Feature –> Subsystem for Linux… 56 more words


Product in Action

One of the coolest marketing shoots is that where your product is in action. Clients get to see the end use of the product or service you provide. 94 more words

The Magic to Increasing Referrals from Your Clients

One client generation tool that every law firm must have is referrals. However, most law firms and attorneys focus their energies on generating referrals from other professionals and fail to create a system that consistently generates referrals from their own clients – those individuals and families who have already personally experienced the difference your service [ ] The post The Magic to Increasing Referrals from Your Clients appeared first on American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

Finding your purpose in your propósitos

Last night I went to a dance class in a gym, jam-packed full of people diligently working hard towards their New Year’s resolutions: to exercise more, lose weight, eat better. 379 more words


AR5710 directed Practice- developing skills

taking the opportunity to practice my lifedrawing skills can add to the accuracy and skill with which I produce the illustration and designs for each of the current projects and for my outcomes in the future. 51 more words


Still in shock

I feel like I’ve been on the phone since I woke up. There is so much to do when somebody dies. And it’s not my family so I’m supposed to just sit here? 184 more words


Not a good morning

I slept in because I didn’t go to bed until 3am. That was nice. I walked the dog. That was normal. I came home and told my Mom to be very careful going to work because her job is past a bridge and that’s still going to have ice on it. 285 more words