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I just wanted to let y’all know that I will not be writing my novel as much because of school and work right now. I haven’t written much and I haven’t told y’all any part of my book… I just felt like I needed to explain why I wasn’t posting more about my book. 9 more words



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Every once in a while I find in A Lifetime’s Reading a book description that motivates me to put the described book on my list of books to watch for at used book sales. 12 more words


Fanny Hill (974)

Fanny Hill is a book about a prostitute who stumbles around London while things happen to her.  It is called the first English erotic novel, and if you find stories of a fifteen year old girl’s sexual escapades exciting, then I guess you’re a pervert, and probably an Eighteenth Century englishman.   727 more words

Mockingjay Part 1

Are you? Are you going to buy Mockingjay Part 1 on DVD since it comes out on Friday?

Yes, Mockingjay Part 1 will be released on DVD this Friday, March 8th. 350 more words


【Google 模式】書摘

Google 模式作者包括兩位Google 高層(董事會主席Eric Schmidt 和產品資深副總Jonathan Rosenberg),介紹公司的經營理念,以十六字總結如下:志向遠大,人才為上,與時俱進,無懼後浪。

Google 的創辦人深具遠見,切進一塊相當具有發展潛力的領域,並招募非常傑出的人才獲得成功。公司不斷成長,迎接市場以及來自其他網路公司的挑戰。過程中,Google 推出相當多成功產品,當然也有失敗的案例,如Google Wave, Buzz 等。Google 不只從成功經驗學習,更向失敗請益,直至今日,公司依然強勢。總結為作者的感慨,就算某天,在明星四起的智慧創作者圈,某新秀神來一筆,讓Google 成為一家無足輕重的公司,他也不意外,因為這就是我們所在的新世代。

由於Google 的形象太強烈,幾乎所有在書中所提及的觀念,早已被媒體報導過,並不新鮮。這本書有意思的地方在一些對「Google 員工」的刻畫。比方說,書中描寫去年中上任的Android 部門負責人Sundar Pichai,在Google Earth 產品會議中展現他機智,以及對例行行政會議報告的重視,讚譽有加,令人聯想到Pichai 在Google 快速發展。比較八卦的還有Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer 當年和Sergey Brin 做Google Street View 的互動,書中也有帶過。

對我來說,這些Google 人物的小故事特別精彩,難以一一細數。再次閱讀,可以從書後的致謝下手,所有的登場角色幾乎都寫在那邊了。

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Well, this book kind of goes…nowhere

Written by
Daryl Gregory in 2014

Everyone in this book has been driven insane by drugs, in a world where you can simply use a chemical printer to make your own.

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Something To Ponder

“You must learn to see what you are looking at.” - The Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini

Focus. Capture every moment. Don’t just look, but rather, truly see. 10 more words