Grapes of Wrath

It has been many months since I completed reading this book – Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck. I wanted to write my thoughts about the book immediately after reading it. 434 more words


The Rain's Lesson

The rain gathers her children
in scatters about herself
to teach them their falling.

They’re to give themselves
to a wish for the sun’s colours… 135 more words


Can a part of Filipino culture come back to life?

Our trip today into Graphic Literature takes us to Komiks. We could venture back to days when pictures and words were put together and people now call them cartoons or comics or as I prefer, Graphic Literature, however I want to jump ahead maybe 30 or so years. 2,148 more words

A To Z Challenge-Comic Creators Around The World

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Comic books had been a crucial part of daily lives of many Filipinos before. I remember my parents telling me how expensive newly-released comic books were, but they told me that they were buying those secondhand ones in order to save around 90% of their budget. Moreover, just like in DC and Marvel comics, the stories narrated in Filipino comic books have been translated into movies; examples of which are Darna, Captain Barbell and Gagamboy. But, just like what is stated in this article, the culture slowly had been merely a part of the memories of our parents and grandparents. I am one of those hopeful that someday, Comic book series will be popular and will reign over bookstores again. I wish that our artists would support Patricio's wonderful aim. :)


I lose myself in the labyrinth of her eyes; it’s an involuntary reaction. She flutters her eyelashes and I’m lost, in a trance, which will only be disturbed when she kisses me. 30 more words


Trilogy Update

I just got the edited manuscript back! I am so excited. Will put my head down and work on it over the next couple of days and then the next step is just around the corner! 10 more words


Example of the ritual in magic...

1 Exhaustion.
A long journey on foot to a magical place, such as a mountain top, a sacred grove, a lake or some site you feel related to. 226 more words


Beelzebul, Ornias and Solomon...

Thereafter, when I had considered what I should do, I called for Ornias, and delivered the ring to him, and bade him bring before me Beelzebul, the prince of all the demons. 177 more words