Committing to Blogging and books for little M

“Blogging is hard…” I feel like that ridiculous Barbie doll in the 80s in which Barbie has a string and when you pull it she repeatedly says, “math is hard.” It is so much I have not thoughts or musings,  Maybe in a world full of talk, I find myself becoming worse at listening. 315 more words


The Unpredictability of Being Human

I loved this book.

I’d have read it much sooner if there had been any mention of it being an aspie novel. This is not – necessarily – something you discover by leafing through a few pages. 321 more words



Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

I’ve been friends with Jim for a long time, about three years and change. We grew up in the same lame town, although I didn’t really know him then. 2,333 more words



Customer service is heavy-duty work because of the psychological energy it consumes.

Price Pritchett | Service Excellence!


Procrastination Hacks

1. Micro Goals: Have a 2000 word essay due? Break it up into a 250 words a day task, and you’ll be done in a little over a week. 506 more words

Brain Hacks

Screenwriters Who Oppose Screenplay Structure by Authors Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg

Peter Desberg, Author: So when do the interesting questions start?

Film Courage: Right now, actually. But this

is a little bit leading…why are so many screenwriters opposed to structure? 240 more words


Review: The Host

This review contains spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

I went to the library to return few books a while ago. In a hurry I randomly picked a book by… 327 more words