Kicking the Shit Out of Option B

As you know, I typically do book review posts with short commentary on books I’ve read and give them a grade. I love sharing what I’m reading and inspiring others to read more as well. 431 more words


Daily Journal 7/25/2017

Well, today started off good and everyone got some much-needed rest. Tomorrow we go out to the property and begin the cleanup process so that we can move in. 182 more words

The Guardians of Embrellon - IV

She came to him and laid in his arms, and as they began drawing closer and into the ritual of mating, she noticed that on the link, Gryton and Zala were there too, the combination of her feeling for Chrylos, the Skrees feelings for each other and their joining fueled the passion between her and Chrylos and when the morning came, she knew that no other would ever be called her mate. 3,246 more words

Hey, Nerdds! Exciting Things Are Happening!

Hey there, Nerdds!

We are so excited to announce our newest addition to! Introducing The Nerdd Book Club! Our book club is meant to introduce our readers to a fun group of likeminded people who wish to expand their libraries, explore new authors and share their thoughts and ideas with others. 160 more words


Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre // Release Day Review!

Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre

Publication Date: July 25th, 2017

Page Number: 223

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review… 496 more words


No Please, It's My Day Off...

Day off = rest day.

Or so I thought.

Today was supposed to be my day off. Only I was called in to work because someone else had booked off their shift. 433 more words



If like myself you believe in the Law of Attraction,  this is the book you should read countless times over and over again until you master the teaching of Neville Goddard. 130 more words